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Borrowing network license(s) from any location

A network license can be borrowed from any location.(you can borrow it from the license server to your laptop). Just please note, that the License Server is using port 16720 by default, so this should be accessible on the laptop (ideally by using secured VPN connection, but it's not necessary).

Edges of Surface Areas

When Forest uses a Surface is a scattering area, it extracts a "virtual" spline from closed edges of the mesh, and this is used as a Spline Area for several operations, including Size/Edge youndary checking, Area Falloffs and others.

How to create dense grass

I adjust the density on my grass scene using Distribution parameters, but the items look too sparse, even using high density values. What is the problem?

How to upgrade your license

Occasionally Forest Pack or RailClone releases require a license upgrade. This is because each license has a defined support end date. That means the license only can be used with versions of the plugin released before this date.

How to upload files to WeTransfer

In this article we explain the steps that you must follow to upload files to WeTransfer. This is very useful when you need to send us large files.

RailClone vs Max Creation Graphs

We've been asked a few questions recently about Max 2016's new Max Creation Graphs feature. We're actually quite excited to see Max Creation Graph added to 3DS Max. It's great to see so much effort and energy being put into this year's release.