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What's new in RailClone 6

The latest release of RailClone is now available. This version comes with numerous new features designed to improve your experience while modelling in 3ds Max. Significant updates have been made to make this tool more user-friendly, especially when creating new styles.

Node-Based Editor Improvements

The node-based editor is more convenient in this new version. Previously, the style editor would shut down when another object was selected; now it remains open, allowing you to interact with other elements in the scene without disruption. The editor also comes with other enhancements like simplified techniques for creating macros, additional randomisation options, and a range of tools to make your workflow easier.

Easier Model Conversion with RC Slice Modifier

RailClone 6 introduces a feature known as the RC Slice modifier, which allows you to easily convert existing models into a RailClone-friendly format. You can slice a model into the necessary parts for a RailClone style using a straightforward interface, which makes your workflow more efficient and intuitive.

Enhanced Library Management System

Managing your RailClone styles is made easier with the updated library management system. This system enables quick addition of new objects to a library and allows for batch importing, material libraries, and thumbnail generation. Additionally, you can password-protect your styles, allowing you to share them securely.

Extensive New Assets in Overhauled Library

RailClone 6 kicks off the first stage of a significant library overhaul. It includes over 160 new parametric assets in multiple collections, such as masonry walls, park benches, and traffic lights. More updates will be released throughout the year to further improve the library's modelling, textures, and shaders.

RailClone 6 brings in new nodes, Link and Reroute, which simplify the reading and branching of graphs. This is especially helpful in making your work less cluttered and more manageable.

Macro Improvements

Creating macros has been simplified. Now you can simply copy and paste an entire graph into a macro tab. There are additional features to improve macro functionality, such as the addition of combo box parameter types.

Password Protection for Styles

RailClone 6 has introduced password protection for styles, providing you with an added layer of security when sharing your work.

Style Editor: Additional Improvements

The Style Editor comes with numerous other updates designed to speed up object creation. These include new options for duplicating nodes and wires, importing the current scene selection, and changing wire thickness among other features.

Improved Corona Renderer Support

Support for Corona Renderer has been improved, making it easier to use RailClone colour's powerful randomisation features.

Advanced Pipeline Integration

RailClone 6 offers better pipeline integration, retaining User Properties after instantiation and providing options to control RailClone Tools and the Library Browser using Maxscript.