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RailClone Versions: Lite and Pro

RailClone comes if two different flavours. The Lite version is completely free to download and use, even commercially, but includes some restrictions as outlined in the table below. The Pro version is completely unrestricted, including the full feature set, and also includes a much larger styles library and comes with RailClone Tools. This guide serves as a useful primer for RailClone, irrespective of whether you're a Lite or a Pro user.

Differences between Lite and Pro

Limited to a single generatorUnlimited generators
Limited to flat splinesIncludes 3 different adaptive height modes to deform geometry on the Z axis
Limited to 3 segmentsUnlimited segments
Cannot be converted to an editable meshCan be converted to an editable mesh
Reduced style libraryFull style library included
Library cannot be customisedLibrary is fully customisable
RailClone Tools not includedRailClone Tools included.

Aside from these restriction both versions are identical in appearance and behaviour. Throughout this guide, where an exercise, note or procedure is only relevant for Pro users you'll see displayed.