RailClone Lite / RailClone Pro for 3dsMax Help

Read offline

To read the documentation offline, we have prepared the Forest Pack documentation in a number of formats. Please download one that's suitable for your preferred reading device.

Download PDF Version

Download EPUB version

Getting Started

If you are brand new to RailClone and you're worried about where to start, you've come to the right place! Here are a few tips for getting started with the plug-in.

Demo reel

If you want to see the capabilities of the software in action, we suggest taking a look to the demo reel. It shows RailClone used on different scenarios like Civil Engineering or Architecture:

Beginners Guide

To learn core concepts and get up and running with RailClone as quickly as possible, we we have prepared a detailed guide to Getting Started with RailClone. 

Coming from 1.x

If you have used RailClone before, you will find significant differences between versions 1.x and 2.x. This guide will help you to migrate to the new release.

Lite & Pro

If you are using RailClone Lite, remember that it can be used freely for your personal or commercial projects. Click here if you want to see a comparison with RailClone Pro, and the benefits of upgrading to it.

To learn more about the plugin, see the full list of tutorials and demos, visit the Gallery or read the Help Reference. You can also ask our technical staff, and share your experience with other users in the forum.

Thank you and enjoy using RailClone!