RailClone is not rendering with Octane


After updating to the latest Octane and RailClone versions an initial render works fine, but if I then modify the Display settings the RailClone object no longer renders correctly. 


The Octane team have informed us that they have simplified the standard render Max procedure for performance reasons, and therefore the RailClone objects are not updating their render state. It can be fixed in the following way:

  • Open the Render Setup dialog-> Kernel tab-> Render Settings rollup-> 'Notify objects on render' option and enable it for all objects / none / per object.
    So 'All objects' or Per object' should be used. If you use Per object, select the RailClone objects, and open the Octane object properties, enable the 'Use Render mode' option.

    Also in the Octane object properties dialog, 'Movable proxy' should be enabled to make sure changes (object parameters, time line, etc) will be updated to Octane.

    Please be aware that this change can affect render performance.