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How to upgrade your license

Occasionally Forest Pack or RailClone releases require a license upgrade. This is because each license has a defined support end date. That means the license only can be used with versions of the plugin released before this date.

In order to use the license with the latest plugin versions, two conditions must be met:

  1. The license must have a maintenance plan active. Maintenance plans are renewed annually. You can check the status of your licenses at User Panel→My Licenses, and renew them at User Panel→Renewals.
  2. Local licenses must be updated with the latest data. For each renewal order you will be resent your license code, which must be activated in the License Manager.

Once activated, the local license is synchronized with your account, and the Support End date is updated.

To upgrade your license, please follow these steps. (For Standalone licenses, these steps must be completed locally on each workstation. For Network licenses, the steps must be followed on the computer where you have installed the 'License Server' software).

  1. Be sure you have an active maintenance plan for the license, as described above.

  2. Open the iToo License Manager.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter the license code you received with the latest renewal order.

  5. Click OK and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the new license. 6. Once completed, you should be able to select the license and click Details to confirm that the Support End date matches the data listed in your User Panel fixing the error in the plugin. You can check the status of the local license at any time, selecting it in the License Manager, and clicking Details.

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