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Installing a Standalone License

The Stand-alone license ties a given software application to a single machine. This method of licensing requires a machine's unique identifier (SID) to be incorporated in the license activation process. After buying the product, a generic license is sent to you. This license must be installed and activated before you can use the software. In the activation process, the license is linked to the hardware.

As soon as your order is authorized, we will e-mail you with the license code. On this page, we explain how to install and activate a Stand-alone license.

RailClone and Forest Pack

The screenshots in the description below show the Forest Pack installer, but the process and options are identical for the RailClone installer.

Downloading the software

  1. Access your User Panel entering you iToo Software account username and password.
  2. Go to My Products and download RailClone Pro/Forest Pack Pro . The user panel also gives you access to

the latest patches and beta versions. 3. Make sure all version of 3ds Max are closed

Installation and licensing

  1. Run the RailClone Pro/Forest Pack Pro setup program

  2. Read the license agreement and click I agree to continue.

  3. Select Workstation. (If you are installing RailClone on a render node, please select Render Slave Mode)


    If you would like to change the installation paths, please check the Advanced Installation option.

  4. From the next screen select the Standalone license type and click Next.

  5. The installer will automatically detect the versions of 3ds Max installed on the system. By default, RailClone/Forest Pack will be installed on all compatible versions, but you can change this using the Select Components to Install options if required. When you are done, click Next

  6. If you chose advanced installation you'll be prompted to select a path, otherwise, RailClone/Forest Pack will be installed uses the default location at C:\Program Files (x86)\iToo Software.

  7. Add License will open. Past in the long license code (not the serial number found in the email we sent you after purchase). Click OK.

  8. Your licenses will attempt to activate online, 9. Next update manager will be launched allowing you to install additional content like libraries and Macros. Click Install.

  9. Click Finish to complete installation.

Offline Activation

If you have trouble with online activation, or the computer where you are using the license does not have Internet access, you can Manual activation.

  1. Select "Activate Manually" as the activation method.
  2. Open a link to our Activation Web page and enter the codes given by the dialog.
  3. Following the steps indicated in the page, you'll be given an Activation Code, enter this code in the dialog box when requested to activate your license. In either case, if you have trouble during the activation, you may contact us .

License Manager

When you install any Itoo Software commercial product, the installer also includes the Itoo Software License Manager. This tool is used to manage the licenses of your purchased software.

To open the License Manager, select "License Manager" in the "Itoo Software" group of the Start menu. There are four tabs in this tool, two of them are only visible if your computer acts as a license server (not applied for Stand-alone method, see Floating/Network licenses):

When opened, the License Manager displays the installed licenses. You can retrieve license details, check its status, add new licenses or activate them as shown below:

Licenses can be in different states, depending on the type of license and its activation status:

  • Activated Stand-alone licenses: Shown in black text, these licenses are ready to be used.

  • Unactivated licenses: Red text with a warning icon, these licenses are valid but have not yet been activated. You must activate them before using.

  • Broken licenses: Red text with an error icon . These licenses have corrupted data and can't be used in any form. You must reinstall them.

For more information about a license, you can click on the "Details..." button, where you can see the data stored in the license.

Installation of new licenses

If you have not installed a license with the software installation process, use the "Add" button in the licenses tab. The installation process is the same as the one described above for the installer.

Activation of the selected License

When a new license is installed, you're asked to activate it. In this process the license is linked to your hardware. The activation process is the same as the one described above for the installer.