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Accessing Network licenses from any location


A network license can be borrowed from any location (for example you can borrow it from the license server to your laptop or home PC). In order to do this, you will need to be able to connect to the PC running the license server remotely. How to set this up is beyond the scope of this article, but you may find this link helpful. If you have one, please consult your IT department for assistance in setting up and using your company's VPN)

The iToo License Server is using port 16720 by default, so this should be accessible, ideally using your company's secured VPN connection or a 3rd party service such as TeamViewer


  • On your remote computer, please set the network license to the IP of the server.

  • Server name rather than finding it automatically. This can be done using the Change License Mode wizard after setting Network license mode in Configure the Network License window.

  • If you're unable to borrow the license to your laptop, please check if it's a communication issue by using a TCP scanning tool (asnmap) to test the server port from the laptop in this way:

    nmap -p 16720 [your-server-address]

    It should return the following result:


    16720/tcp open unknown
  • If needed, you can also enable the debug mode on the server, try to use the plug-in and send us the licserver.log.

  • The right network configuration is always very specific for any network as the correct set-up of the connection will depend on all firewall / antivirus solutions used. Basically, you'll need to open the port 16720 on license server for the remote user. It must be open both for TCP and UPD (for example Windows Firewall / antivirus software could be blocking the connection for this port).