Lite and Pro

Currently two versions are available: Forest Pack Lite and Forest Pack Pro. Forest Pack Lite is free for any project, personal or commercial. However, some features are disabled and only available in Forest Pack Pro.

Forest Pack Lite

This version is free for personal and commercial use for an unlimited period of time. It is fully functional with some limitations listed below. You can get it from the Download page.

Forest Pack Pro

Forest Pack Pro has advanced features for surfaces, tree placement and importing/exporting tools. Also it includes a full library of planar trees and shrubs that you can edit it and add your own trees and textures. Visit our Online Store for more information about prices and license options.

Feature list

Native shaders for Mental Ray
Native shaders for VRay
Billboards optimization
Random tint by item
Tint by element (as leaves on a tree) 
Unlimited types of plants by object 
Up to three types of plants by object 
Unlimited areas by object 
Up to four areas by object 
Scattering over uneven surfaces 
Diversity / Clusters
Custom Edit mode, to edit items individually
Distribution of items along a path
Real-time camera clipping
Points-cloud viewport mode
Random transformation of position, rotation and scale
Full Animation support, including multiple random samples
Collision checking
Effects Browser and built in effects
Load and edit  3rd party effects 
Create, save and share new effects 
Library browser
Library editor 
More than 100 library items, including billboards, 3D models and Presets 
Real time status window
User presets 
Creation tools 
Forest tools 
Conversion to editable Mesh
Other BenefitsLitePro
Prioritized technical support 
Early access to beta versions 
Frequently patches and releases