Getting Started

If you are new to Forest Pack and you're worried about where to start, you've come to the right place! Here is a very simple guide for getting started with the plugin.

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How you install Forest Pack depends on the type of license you own. Click on the following links depending on if you purchases a Standalone or a Networked (floating) license

Forum Access

As a registered user of Forest Pack Pro, you also have access to the private forums on our website (

To gain access to the Pro forums, you have to create a forum account in the User Panel> Forum Accounts section or register a previously created account in this section. Please note that forum accounts can have different login and password from your main User Panel account.

Latest Release

Check out the latest features of Forest Pack 7 in out "What's New?" page.

You can also check all the most recent changes for your current version in the release notes.

Tutorials and Reference

For a fast introduction to the capabilities of the plugin, you can watch the Basic tutorial. It shows how to use 3D high-poly trees in an architectural environment. It can be completed with Forest Lite. Next, we suggest you continue with the Modern Barn tutorial. Completing it, you will learn to use most of the software options, from areas splines area to advanced materials. It uses the VRay renderer but all the principles will apply to any other engine and includes five parts with 90 minutes of video. Finally Autumn Parks will get you quickly acquainted with Forest Colour. You'll find many more tips and and tricks videos in our tutorials section. They're regularly updated so check regularly!

Getting Started with Forest Pack Lite

Tree Lined Canal

 Moderns Barns

Autumn Park

The3dGarden plant models

If you have purchased some The3dGarden libraries, the following tutorial will help you to integrate the models in the library browser. 

Lite & Pro

If you are using Forest Pack Lite, remember that it can be used freely for your personal or commercial projects. Click here if you want to see the differences with Forest Pack Pro, and the benefits of upgrading to it.

To complete your learning of the plugin, see the full list of tutorials, visit the Gallery or read the Help Reference. You can also ask to our technical staff, and share your experience with other users in the forum.

Thank you and enjoy using Forest Pack !