Stepped Rotation

Stepped rotation allows you to control the rotate the Z Rotation of forest items using a stepped increment. To use it:

  1. Go to the Transform rollout and enable Rotation.
  2. Enter a value for Z > Min and Z > Max as normal.
  3. Go to the effects rollout and enter the stepped increment value in degrees for the parameter named Z_Rotate_Step. The objects will now only rotate using increments of this angle.

Effect Script:

real rotateRange = fpItem.randRotMax.z - fpItem.randRotMin.z;
real stepsInRange = floor(rotateRange/Z_Rotate_Step);
real ZRotation = randomInt(0,stepsInRange)*Z_Rotate_Step;
fpItem.rotation.z = degtorad(ZRotation);

You can find this Effect within the Forest Effects Library.

This Effect Uses:


  • Z_Rotate_Step
    Type: Real


  • fpItem.randRotMin.z
    Minimum Z rotation as set in the Transform rollout.
  • fpItem.randRotMax.z
    Maximum Z rotation as set in the Transform rollout.

  • fpItem.rotation.z
    Individual item's Z rotation.


  • Floor(p)
    Lowers p to nearest whole number.
  • RandomInt(p,q)
    Generate a random integer between p and q.
  • degToRad(p)
    Converts degrees to radians. The opposite, radToDeg(p) is also possible.