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Forest Edge map


Forest Edge is a map used in conjunction with Edge boundary checking mode when using Corona and Arnold renderers to create clean edges. In this mode Forest Pack uses the lowest Z Vertex of each of the item's individual elements to check if they're outside the scatter area. If so, only the individual element is removed creating a clean edge, without slicing the geometry. Note that when using edge mode, an element is defined as a group of connected faces that share the same material ID. These are the same elements used by Forest Color . In order for this mode to work correctly in Corona and Arnold, a Forest Edge map must be applied to the material's opacity channel.


To use Edge Boundary checking with Corona or Arnold

  1. Apply a Forest Edge map to the material's Opacity Color map slot.

  2. If the material also requires an alpha, apply this to the Forest Edge map's Opacity map slot.

  3. In the Forest Object, go to the Area's rollout and set Boundary Check node to Edge.

To use Edge Boundary checking with V-Ray

  • In the Area's rollout set Boundary Check node to Edge.

  • When using V-Ray there's no need to apply a Forest Edge map to the materials.

To automatically apply Forest Edge to multiple materials

  1. In the Forest Object. go to the Material rollout and click Optimise Materials.

  2. In the Material Optimiser, turn on Apply Forest Edge if you also need to add Forest Colour maps to the Diffuse slots you can turn this on too.

  3. Click Optimise. To find out more about the Optimise Tool and its settings, see the reference section for the Material rollout .


Edge Mode does not preview in viewports

To improve viewport performance edge trimming is calculated only at render time. This means the effects of the mode will not be previewed in the viewports. However, previews can be enabled by holding down the left CTRL key and clicking on the Edge radio button.


Forest Edge maps should be used in the Opacity or Cutout map slot of materials. If your material already has maps in these slots, then these should be added to Forest Edge's Opacity Map slot.