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What is Forest Pack?

Forest Pack is the leading scattering plugin for 3ds Max. It offers an all-encompassing solution for generating large expanses of various objects, ranging from flora and rocks to buildings, crowds, and more. If you can design it in 3ds Max, Forest Pack can scatter it for you. Numerous studios depend on Forest Pack's proven algorithms and native shaders to render scenes filled with an almost infinite number of objects and polygons, without overburdening the computer's resources.

The plugin allows you to emulate natural distribution patterns and optimise the use of your assets through its advanced mapping and randomisation features. You can also have meticulous control over every facet of the plugin to fine-tune your scatters. Forest Pack enables you to create without limitations, elevating the quality of your renders.

Key Features

Forest Pack is designed for speed and efficiency, capable of handling scenes with hundreds of thousands of objects, each containing up to a million polygons, and rendering them in just a few minutes.

The plugin is fully parametric, enabling non-destructive editing and instant design changes. It also offers extensive randomisation options for distribution, objects, transformations, animations, and more, allowing you to mimic the natural variation found in real-world environments.

Forest Pack comes with a built-in Library Browser, making it easy to select and assign plants. Over 430 models are included in the Pro version, and you can also create your own presets and share them with your colleagues. The plugin supports a wide range of scatter areas, including splines, surfaces, and even other Forest Pack areas, allowing for complex and layered scatters.

Forest Pack is not just a scattering tool; it's a comprehensive ecosystem for 3ds Max users. The plugin is designed with a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly into your existing 3ds Max workflow. It supports a wide array of scatter areas, including but not limited to splines, surfaces, Particle Flow objects, markers, and even other Forest Pack areas. This allows for intricate and multi-layered scatters that can interact with each other in complex ways.

Forest Pack offers over 35 built-in distribution patterns, and you can also create your own custom patterns using procedural maps or images. This provides an unparalleled level of control over how objects are scattered, enabling you to create highly realistic scenes.

The Item Editor Mode allows you to refine your scatters by manually editing individual items without sacrificing rendering efficiency. You can select or create single or groups of objects, rotate or translate them, and even swap models to achieve the perfect render. This is particularly useful for scenes that require a high level of detail and precision.

For those concerned with animation, Forest Pack has you covered too. The plugin allows you to scatter animated objects while maintaining significant memory efficiency. You can synchronise animations or use one of the three powerful modes to randomise animation and control the offset or set the current frame using maps. If these options don't meet your needs, you can even create your own custom animation modes using Forest Effects.

In terms of rendering, Forest Pack uses intelligent instancing technology to enable nearly limitless geometry with minimal overhead. This means you can forget about polygon counts and memory limitations, focusing instead on achieving the best possible render.


A Pro licence of Forest Pack comes with a range of features, a comprehensive library, and free unlimited render nodes. It also includes a one-year extendable Maintenance Plan that offers prioritised technical support and regular updates.

Free Version

Download Forest Pack Lite, the free version of the plugin and use it in your personal and commercial projects. If you are new to Forest, see the Getting Started guide for videos, tutorials and more help in your first steps using the software.