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RailClone 6.1.7

New features, improvements and fixes in this new version of RailClone 6.1.7. Discover all the changes below.


  • RC Spline->Banking is fully rewritten using a new algorithm, to avoid abrupt rotation changes on vertical paths.
    • Banking on existing scenes may change significatively. You may need to adjust or add banking points again, to get a correct result.
    • If you get abrupt rotation changes even with this update, just add additional banking points near of the problematic position. That is the same procedure used before for this issue, but it was not working well. Now you should get better results.
  • Several improvements to the process of loading and resizing thumbnails in the Library Browser.
  • Generator->'Flatten Stepped' is disabled by default.
  • Fixed rare crash in Style Editor/Library Browser because a bug in RC 6.1.6.
  • Fixed: 'RailClone Library' toolbar action is displayed as 'RailClone Lister'.
  • Library updates (you need to run Update Manager while the installation to get them):
    • Escalators. Fixed an issue where they were stuck in walkway mode. Now they default to stairs mode with the option to switch to walkway restored.
    • Floors. Fixed several floor styles that had issues in recent versions of RailClone.
    • Fixes and improvements to macros.