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Forest Pack 8.2.2

New features, improvements and fixes in this new version of Forest Pack 8.2.2. Below, discover all the changes.

New Features

  • Added support for V-Ray 5 in 3DS Max 2024.

  • Added support for ForestSet in Areas of type 'Forest'.

  • Added support for ForestLOD and ForestSet in Library Browser.


    This feature necessitates saving the library scene with Forest 8.2.2 or a later version.

  • Added a new option in Library Browser -> Preferences -> 'Use unique names on imported objects'.

    • Default setting: Library objects are imported into the 'forest_templates' layer with a unique identifier, '_forest_library_XXXX'.

    • When enabled, this option allows users to disable the prefix and import objects using their original names.


      Disabling this option may overwrite existing objects in the layer with the same name.


  • Restored support for V-Ray 3.6, which was removed in FP 8.2.0.
  • Enhanced efficiency of Object areas using ForestSet.
    • Implemented support for ForestSet in 'Forest' type Areas.
    • Enhanced efficiency of Object areas using ForestSet.
    • Instead of creating one large area using the geometry of all objects in the set, areas are now individually generated internally, one for each object.


  • Fixed an issue where the Forest object would be permanently disabled if Distributed Rendering in V-Ray was used with 'Use local host' unchecked.
  • Resolved artifacts encountered when using high Resolution values (above 4096) in Object Areas.
  • Added a previously missing message in the Library Browser when loading Forest Pro items in Forest Lite.