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RailClone 6.0.0

We're thrilled to introduce RailClone 6, the newest version of our parametric modelling and layout tool for 3ds Max, packed full of new assets, a new RC Slice modifier, innumerable style editor improvements, link nodes, password protection, easier macro creation, a rewritten library browser, better randomisation options, and many many more handy improvements to make it easier than ever to create parametric models for architecture, VFX, and games.

New Features

Improved Library Browser

It has been rewritten from the ground up to make it easier to develop new features in the future. This first release adds the following improvements:

  • Library Items are created from scene selection.
  • Material Library and Max scene is generated automatically.
  • Assets can be collected to a maps folder
  • Improved search that filters matching items across all libraries
  • Added toolbar button to open Library Browser.
  • Added Maxscript interface to load item from Library: $.railclone.loadLibraryItemByPath <item path>
  • Item must be included in the Library Browser, and path is defined as the item's route in the library. Don't use disk paths! (it doesn't work in that way).
  • Example: $.railclone.loadLibraryItemByPath "\RailClone Library\Architecture\Exterior\Railings\Vynil Handrail 1"
  • It returns 0 if style is loaded correctly, or 1 if there's an error.
  • You can get the path for a loaded item from Maxscript with $.style.

Always on top Style Editor

  • In earlier versions, the Editor was closed when RailClone object was deselected. Now you can continue editing the Style, even if RailClone object is not selected.
  • To edit a different object, you must click 'Open Editor' button on the new object.
  • Some actions will close Editor automatically, such as Open Library, enable Style Linking and others.
  • Link nodes connects the input with the output. Use it to organize wiring in complex styles.
    • Type of node must be selected in properties: Segment, Spline, Surface or Numeric.
    • Node Style can be Normal or Simplified.
    • Wire Style with other Link nodes can be Normal, Dashed or Hidden.
    • Nodes can be added by dragging them onto a wire. In this case they inherit the name from the adjacent input node
  • Added Reroute nodes. It lets you to modify a wire, adding intermediate nodes.
    • Add them with double click over a wire.
    • Reroute nodes has a single input and output. To derive multiple outputs from a wire, use a Link node instead.

Macro Improvements

  • Copying and pasting a Segment/Spline/Surface to a macro doesn't generate an error anymore. Instead, node is converted to a Macro Input node of the right type.
  • Double click over a Macro node opens it for editing.
  • Added 'Reset Parameters' option to Macro's contextual menu. It resets all parameters to their default values.
  • Macro parameters can be grouped in categories. Use main menu->Macro->'Define Parameters Order' dialog to edit categories.
  • Added Combo Selector as new parameter type for macros.

New modifier: RCSlicer

  • Slices a mesh to create pieces used by RailClone, both for linear and array generators: Start, End, Default, X Evenly, X Corner, Top, Bottom, Start Top, End Top, Start Bottom and End Bottom.
  • Modifier output can be selected to any of these pieces, the full geometry or a mesh with all slices.
  • The 'Segment' node includes a new parameter (RC Slice), to automatically get any piece of the object, when this uses an RCSlice modifier.
  • When using the 'Segment->RCSlice' parameter, always place RCSlice on top of the stack modifier.
  • Slice planes can be positioned using the spinners of using Slice Plane gizmos.

Password Protecting Styles

  • Styles can be protected by a password, which is requested for editing.
  • Set or remove the password at Style menu ->'Protect by Password'.
  • Be careful there is no way to recover the password if you forget it.

Style Editor Improvements

  • Added clone operations using 'Shift' key
    • Moving selected nodes while clicking Shift, clone them.
    • Clicking a wire output, clone it.
  • Added 'Import 3DS selection' to right menu. Imports 3DS selected objects to the Editor as Segment or Spline nodes.
  • Added an option to assign object to multiple Segment nodes (select Segments->Property->Assign Object).
  • Added options to select wire thickness (Preferences->Wires->Thin width).
  • Numeric parameters can be disabled. Also On/Off state is exportable.
    • When disabled, they behaviour as non-connected.
  • Added Selection mode to the toolbar: Window/Crossing.
  • Added load/save options to drop down list parameters (Selector).
  • 'Align Mode' can be exported as a numeric parameter, both from Segment and Transform nodes.
    • 0: Automatic, 1: Pivot, 2: Min, 3: Middle, 4: Max.
  • Randomize/Random->'Sync between Generators' is renamed to 'Reset on', and provides several modes.
    • You can choose to Reset on: 'X Spline', 'X Spline Section', 'Array Row' and 'Generator'.
    • For example, with 'Array Row' it can be used to generate same random values in all rows of an array.
    • To keep compatibility with existing scenes, default value is 'Generator'.
  • Added Seed options to Randomize node. It provides the same features as Random numeric node, such as 'Reset On', 'Generate on', etc.
  • Added AND/OR mode to the Conditional operator.
  • Added new option to Preferences: 'Rename Segment when assign object'.
    • If disabled, segments are not renamed when a new object is assigned.
  • Added View->"Hide Wires" option (Ctrl-W).
    • When enabled, only the wires of selected nodes are visible
  • Segment and Transform->Deform->Flat Top/Bottom now allows negative values. To keep compatibility with existing scenes, Flat Top/Bottom is not applied when value is exactly zero.
  • Added a button to select the active RailClone object.

Parameter Improvements

  • Added new type of value to Numeric/Constant nodes: String.
    • Note that Generator->"Limit by ID" can now be connected to a string parameter to define multiple values or ranges, in comma separated format.
  • Added new Parameter node: 'Value List'.
    • Use it to store a list of values, and select the output by an index or condition, similar to the 'Selector' operator.
    • It accepts values of type string, number, range of values ('1-3'), and list of numbers/ranges separated by commas ('1-3,5,7').
    • For floating numbers, use point as decimal separator

Rc Spline Improvements

  • New Reference mode for RCSpline: 'Free'.
    • Free markers have not got any position in the spline, and they are not affected by Generator->Limit by ID/Padding.
    • Usually, you want to add an unique free marker by sub-spline. Only the first one is used, others are ignored.

General Improvements

  • Added support for 3DS Max 2024.

  • Added support for V-Ray 5 in Max 2024

  • Added support for Arnold 7.2.


    Previous Arnold versions are no longer supported. You can upgrade to the latest release from here (Arnold for 3DS Max)

  • Added support for rotated or scaled items in groups.

  • Added support of RailClone Colour in Corona Renderer (v9 or above) using instancing.

  • Added Generator->Cap->Mat.ID: defines Material ID for capping faces.

  • Capping faces generated from clipping areas are mapped using parameters from 'Default Segment'->Deform->'Apply Box Mapping'.

    • Mapping parameters are taken directly from the Default Segment and are not affected by "UVW XForm" operators.

Expression Improvements

  • Added new Arithmetic attributes:
    • 'InRender': returns 1 when building for render, 0 for viewport.
    • 'XSplineClosed', 'YSplineClosed': returns 1 when spline is closed, 0 if open.
    • 'XSplinePrevMatID' returns the material ID of the preceding spline section on the X Spline
    • 'YSplinePrevMatID' returns the material ID of the preceding spline section on the Y Spline


  • Added new option to RailClone Tools: Export.
    • It exports the RC object in two files: a XML with the properties of the segments, and a FBX with the geometry.
    • Segments are separated by instances, in the same way as RailClone Tools.
    • Format option (Standard/Unity) defines the format of the transformation matrices in the XML.
  • New Operator node: Tags.
    • It lets you to assign custom properties (in form of string) to a segment.
    • These properties can be defined statically in the node, or dynamically connecting one or more Numeric/Constant/Value List nodes to the input.
    • Currently tags are only used with RailClone Tools->Instantiate/Export, assigning them as User Properties to the instanced items, or as properties in the XML.
    • This feature was designed as a mechanism to assign and export custom properties, for custom engines or other uses.
    • RailClone Tools copies to the generated objects the User Properties of the source segments, instead the properties of the RC object.
    • Items rendered in V-Ray CPU inherit User Properties from their source geometry.
  • Added Maxscript interface to RailClone Tools->Instantiate:
    • To create instances for selected RC objects: mode layerName autoDelete separatedMeshes forceInstances
    • Parameters:
      • mode (int) 0: individual, 1: group, 2: layer
      • layerName (string). Target layer (only for mode 2)
      • autoDelete (bool). If enabled, delete previous instances.
      • separatedMeshes (bool). If enabled, create separated meshes for non-instanced semgents.
      • forceInstances (bool). If enabled, generates as many instances as possible, ignoring Material and UVW operators.
      • Example: 0 "railclone_instances" true true false true
    • To delete instances of selected RC objects (same as RailClone Tools->'Delete' button):
    • To enable selected RC objects (same as RailClone Tools->'Enable' button):


  • Fixed: object name is not updated in Style Editor when a Base Object/Segment is renamed in the scene.
  • Fixed wrong segments generated in FStorm when using Interactive Render.
  • Fixed: Segments are placed below the spline when using Stepped with Bevel->Extend mode.
  • Fixed: when 'Extract Segments' is applied two or more times, materials are lost.
  • Fixed material error loading items from Library.:
  • Fixed: toolbar is not restored to its last position, when Max is loaded.
  • Fixed: toolbar's RailClone creation doesn't work in Lite version.
  • Fixed: Colour of Input/Output Macro nodes is not initialized correctly
  • Fixed rare crash in V-Ray with VRayMultiTexmap.
  • Improved result of RCSpline->Banking, when there is a single banking item at position 0.0.
    • In this case, banking angle is used as 'X Rotation', to define the initial rotation in the path.
  • Fixed: Generators with exported Attributes don't generate geometry.
  • Fixed: moving a RC object using Clipping Area, require 'Display->Build' to update correctly, instead an automatic rebuild.
  • Fixed: Clipping Area doesn't update when spline area is animated.
  • Fixed issue using VRayDecal with opacity maps and instancing engine.
  • Scroll wheel over spinners and selection boxes doesn't change the value anymore. Instead, it scrolls the panel.
  • Fixed bug evaluating macros with multiple numeric parameters.
  • Fixed crash adding first Bank element in RCSpline.
  • Fixed 'Select and Link' from splines using RCSpline when spline is selected.
  • Fixed wrong mapping unchecking Segment->Deform->Mapping, if this option was enabled before.
  • Fixed crash deleting items from 'Value List' node.
  • Disabled scroll wheel for Macro selectors.
  • Fixed: if Properties panel is expanded automatically to fit a width value, it cannot be resized down.
  • Fixed: Sequence is not incremented on corners when using closed splines.
  • Fixed: RailClone Color is non consistent, when applied to lights on multiple RC objects.
  • Fixed memory leak in Max 2023 and before using Display->Mesh mode.
  • Fixed: if Properties panel is expanded automatically to fit a width value, it cannot be resized down.


  • Removed support for Mental Ray.
  • Removed support for V-Ray 4.0 (if you use it, please upgrade to V-Ray 4.3).

Scenes saved with RC 6.0.3 using Proxy Cache->Embedded cannot loaded with older RC versions. They will crash when loaded.