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Forest Pack 8.2.1

New features, improvements and fixes in this new version of Forest Pack 8.2.1. Below, discover all the changes.


  • Changed the way that Forest handles texture paths:
    • In previous versions, all the libraries defined in the Library Browser were scanned by searching for a 'maps' folder. Next, these folders are added to 3DS Max in 'Customize>Configure Project Paths>External Files'.
    • Now, only the built in library ('Forest Library') is scanned. You can extend it to all libraries by unchecking Library Browser->Preferences->Only Built In Library.
    • Forest repeats the scanning process when the plugin is loaded. In addition, a button is added to Library Browser>Preferences to launch the process manually.


  • Fixed: Forest Material renders completely black in V-Ray (broken in FP 8.2.0).
  • Fixed: Forest quad menu is not available unless initialization script ( is executed manually.
  • Fixed: Color Management profile is reset to "unmanaged" in Max 2024, when using Forest.
  • Fixed memory leak in Max 2023 and before when using Display->Mesh mode.
  • Fixed: Distribution by Particle Flow generates duplicated items.