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Release Notes

 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.3.4
  • Fixed: Y counter is not computed correctly when using clipping areas.
  • Fixed random crash with points-cloud mode in Max 2015.
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.3.3

New features and changes:

  • Added support for Max 2015.
  • Conform to Surfaces.
    • Enables segments to conform to the geometry of a surface, following the Z axis of the RailClone object.
    • New type of object: Surface. Used to assign the surface object.
    • Added Surface slot to Linear and Array generators.
    • New Segment Parameter: "Deform>Align Y with Surface". Applicable only to L1S Generator, align the segment's Y axis with the surface's normal.
  • Added Fixed Size for Segment and Transform nodes. If greater than zero, fixes the size of a segment.
    • Added scale mode to the Fixed Size feature in Segment and Transform nodes.
    • Added checkbox to enable "Fixed Size" in Transform operator.
  • Added Corner>Bevel Corner for Linear and A2S Generators. 
    • Added Generator>Rules>Corner>BC Offset. Lets you to adjust the position of the Bevel Corner.
  • Added Corner segment for Array Generators (Inner Corner slot).
    • Added Corner>"Fillet Radius" and "Align to Path" properties to A2S Generator.
  • Random node can use its own seed. If disabled, uses the global seed value.
  • Improved instancing efficiency when using stepped segments.
  • Added support of Vertex Alpha, and Vertex Illumination channels.
  • "Display>Adaptative>Degrade to" changed to "Boxes" as default mode.
  • Improved VRay render performance on many core machines.
  • Added Evenly>Reverse for all generators.
  • Display>Adaptative mode may degrade to Boxes or Pointscloud (default value). This selector is global for all RC objects.
  • Improved behaviour of A2S Generator>Evenly segments on Free mode.


  • Fixed stability issues with Thea Render/Corona Render/VRay RT.

  • Fixed geometry issues with clipping area when scene units is meters.

  • Fixed rare "Display limit exceeded" error with scale mode.

  • Fixed geometry errors using bevels and negative Y segment offsets.

  • Fixed crash on Conditional operator using "Material ID>Multiple of".

  • Fixed geometry differences between viewport and render when using high values of Segment>Transform.

  • Fixed crash turning on Generator>Reverse without a spline assigned.

  • Fixed bug that would change random values when editing a style.

  • Fixed: Display>Render settings were ignored with certain render engines.

  • Fixed error loading scenes which has been saved in computers without RailClone installed.

  • Fixed geometry error on A2S Generator using Spline Y and X Rotation.

  • Evenly rule doesn't modify type of line (Curve/Line) in the spline.

  • Arithmetic>Expression>XVertexAngle and XVertexAngle functions were switched.

  • Fixed geometry errors using bevels on closed splines.

  • Materials are properly displayed in the viewport when assigning library styles.

  • Fixed: Style Editor may disappear on certain multimonitor configurations.

  • A2S Generator>Clipping Area>Projection is forced to Z when using "Extend X/Y Size to Area".

  • Fixed rendering issue with VRay RT.

  • Fixed: closing Style Editor on dual monitors configurations would generate a rightclick event.

  • "Fixed Size" feature works properly with all alignment modes.

  • Fixed error of Conditional operator using "Multiple Of" and certain values (2.3.0b error).

  • Fixed: "Fillet Radius" modifies material ID on closed splines.
  • Fixed: Display->Build->Auto is ignored when modifying segments.

  • Fixed rare bug of "Flatten Stepped" with mirrored End segments

 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.2.3


  • Over 75 new styles:
    • Architecture->Exterior->Fences->Wood
    • Architecture->Exterior->Guttering
    • Architecture->Interior->Circulation->Escalators
    • Architecture->Interior->Flooring
    • Entourage and Props->Shelving and Storage
    • Entourage and Props->Crowd Control
  • Library scheme has been reorganized to include the new and future styles.

New features and changes:

  • Array generator is available in RailClone Lite.
  • Added support for V-Ray 3.0 and Thea Render.
  • New Parameter node: Random number.
  • Added General->Stats information window.
  • Added Segment->UV Mapping->Rotation.
  • New Default mode: Count, allows to define a fixed number of segments.
  • Linear 1S Generator can be built without a spline, setting X Size parameter.
  • Added Style->Geometry->Free Object.
  • When enabled, RailClone doesn't use the spline's position, only its shape. Use it to move RC freely along the scene (without the spline), or to create instanced objects.
  • Added up/down arrows to Base Objects/Parameters lists.

Style Editor:

  • Added icons and shortcuts for Enable (Ctrl+E), Disable (Ctrl+D), Expand (Ctrl+X) and Collapse (Ctrl+L) actions.
  • Renamed exported parameters of Transform operator to match with Segment ones.


  • Fixed error that would generate misaligned segments on render.
  • Fixed error using geometric shader and mirrored segments.
  • Constant parameters are affected by Geometry->Global scale.
  • Fixed: Compose operator works properly with Default->Scale mode.
  • Fixed: Material Sequence operator was adding +1 to the ID value.
  • Fixed: Segment->Flat Top/Bottom controls are disabled if Bend is off.
  • Fixed alignment of initial segment when using Vertical or Stepped mode.
  • Fixed: some arithmetic expressions are evaluated as integer values.
  • Fixed Randomize operator with nested RC objects.
  • Fixed Region Clipping using nested splines on specific viewport aligments.
  • Fixed several bugs with Segment->Mapping.
  • Fixed alignment issues with certain Y Splines on arrays.
  • Fixed potential crash on Max exit.
  • Fixed crash when Style Editor close if there are nodes selected.
  • Fixed crash cloning Mirror nodes.
  • Fixed: length of Left Padding on empty segments is double as intended.
  • Note: to keep compatibility with existing scenes, this fix is applied only in styles created with v.2.2 or above.
  • Fixed error in Scale mode when using Bevels and Fillet Radius.
  • Fixed alignment error when using Scale mode and Bevels.
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.1.6
  • Fixed potential lockup on scene save.
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.1.5
  • Added support for VRay 3.05.03 beta.
  • Fixed crash on Style Editor when using Parameter->Constant operators.
  • Animated segments are properly updated with Display->Geometry shader is off.
  • Animated Parameters and Base Objects are visible in the Track View.
  • Fixed: Transform Operator was applying global scale twice.
  • New algorithm for no-Bend Segments was not working as intended. Reverted to 2.0.4 version.
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.1.3

Style Editor:

  • Style Editor is now integrated within Max. Stay-on-top is not longer needed, all connection issues should be solved.
  • Added Selector operator: selects a Segment according to an index.
  • Added Transform operator: transform and modify properties a segment (alignment, padding, scale, etc.)
  • Added expressions to Arithmetic operator.
  • Added contextual creation menu (using right click->Add or dragging links).
  • New subtype of Numeric parameter: Boolean (returns 0-1).
  • Most of nodes can be turned off (clicking checkbox at right top corner when is selected, or by right click contextual menu). Each node has a specific behaviour when is off.
  • Generator->On field is not longer needed and has been removed.
  • Alt+Click selects a node and its childrens.
  • Added Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V shortcuts for Copy / Paste actions.
  • Allowed zoom over 100%. Set zoom limit at Options->Preferences.
  • Added Options->Preferences->Rename Segments when Reload (on/off).
  • Added Options->Preferences->Show Warning Messages (on/off).
  • Exported parameters are highlighted in red color.
  • Improved undo/redo.
  • Fixed limits of several parameters.
  • Fixed: Segments can be connected to exported parameters.
  • Delete key doesn't remove items anymore, when used from Style Editor controls.
  • Spline node is updated in the Style Editor when assigned from Base Objects and viceversa.
  • Spline can be cleared from Style Editor using context menu->Clear.
  • Fixed potential crashing issue picking objects from Style Editor.
  • Fixed limits of exported parameters.
  • Material Operator->From/To parameters can be exported.

New features and changes:

  • Added support for VRay 3.0 beta.
  • New parameter: Style->Geometry->Simple Y Offset mode.
  • RailClone uses a sophisticated algorithm to compute Y Offset paths, but it some cases it would not generate a correct result.
  • We have included an alternative simpler mode that could solve these cases. Enable it if you get distorted geometry when using Y Offset.
  • Added Adaptive mode for Generator->Rules->Default. Bevels are not allowed on this mode.
  • Added Adaptive mode for Generator->Rules->Evenly.
  • Added Vertical Top/Bottom for Segment->Stepped mode. It works similar to Flat Top/Bottom for Vertical mode.
  • Added A2S Generator->Clipping area->Extend X/Y Size to Area->Expand.
  • Improved precision for alignment of segments with Bend off.
  • RailClone Tools sets Octane "Movable Proxy" property to the instanced items.
  • Display->Render->"VRay/Mental Ray shader" renamed to "Use Geometry Shader".


  • Animated Segments are properly updated.
  • Fixed Conditional->Y Counter when usign Y Evenly.
  • Fixed several geometry issues with Generator->Limit by ID.
  • Array Generator using Free mode works correctly with negative Y Size values.
  • Randomize Operator works properly with Start/End/Left Side/Right Side.
  • Randomize->Percentage is limited to 0-100.
  • Fixed Y Offset issues with closed splines.
  • Generator->Default->Scale handles correctly Composed segments.
  • Fixed Y Sequence operator when used with Evenly/Corner.
  • Fixed bug with no-slice segments and paddings.
  • Fixed right menu on Library Browser when there are not items selected.


  • Several presets has been fixed or improved (handrails, ducting).
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.0.4

Style Editor:

  • Copy/Paste now works between RailClone objects.
  • Fixed potential lockup saving large scenes when editor is open.
  • Fixed: Right click on spinners resets to wrong values.


  • Fixed: Segment->Rotation to more than one axis generates squeezed objects.
  • Fixed: Parameters limits are not properly updated in the Max rollout.
  • Library: Fixed alignement of Civil Engineering->Curb elements.
 RailClone Lite/Pro 2.0.3

n this update, the plugin has been rewritten from scratch, introducing significate improvements over RailClone 1.x. These are only a few of them:

  • Graphical Style Editor.
  • Multiple Generators by object.
  • Array generators, based on two splines or dimensions.
  • Multiple Base Objects (splines) by object.
  • Node Operators: Sequence, Randomize, Mirror, Arithmetic and others.
  • Selectable segments according to spline properties, using Conditional operator.
  • Segments by spline's material ID, using Generator->Limits or Conditional operator.
  • Random material mode is much more flexible, using the Material operator.
  • Area Clipping (include and exclude), using closed splines.
  • New display mode: Points-cloud.
  • Exported Parameters, lets you to parametrize models much more easily.
  • Added Stadium seats to the Library (Bleachers category).
  • Library items are improved for 2.x new features.
  • Added support for Max 2014.

...and much more. See the demo reel, help reference and the new tutorials for more information.

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